A new era for ferries

A transformation of the ferry industry is long overdue. Meet the Hyke solution: electric, autonomous ferries designed to provide a cleaner, smarter, more modern water-based answer to urban mobility.


It’s time to say goodbye to noisy and polluting vessels on our waterways with ferries that are emissions-free and energy-efficient. Our Hyke ferries feature an all-electric drivetrain and a highly-efficient hull and thermal system. The vessels are powered sustainably and intelligently in two ways: via built-in rooftop solar panels and automatic wireless charging while docked. There is also an option to integrate a backup battery into the jetties to reduce reliance on grid connection upgrades.


Our ferry system is filled with intelligent features to make managing a fleet easier than ever. We have integrated every Hyke boat with our proprietary autonomous vessel control technology. This enables operators to improve safety through the auto-docking function supported by sensor packs, reduce costs by requiring less staff, and optimize vessel deployment to increase efficiency. Besides the smart functions, the ferry and docking system follows a standardized design so that it is compatible with existing infrastructure.


We have designed the ferry experience of the future. Created by an award-winning boat design team, the exterior is sleek and simple, while the interior is spacious and air-conditioned. Being electric, Hyke ferries operate without noise and emissions. More importantly, it was designed with accessibility in mind so that everyone, including those with limited mobility or who ride bicycles, can get on and off with ease. Our ferries are a more efficient and user-friendly alternative to land transit, making it an easy choice to “take a Hyke!”


Modular configuration

Our smart city ferries are multi-purpose for all applications. We offer lower-capacity vessels for flexible deployment and docking systems compatible with standard jetty modules for easy adoption.

Born Electric

Our all-electric ferries feature automatic wireless charging, built-in solar, and an optional battery for efficient, zero-emission operation.

Autonomous-ready intelligence

Integrated sensor packs monitor the surroundings, enabling features like automatic docking and charging to increase operational efficiency.

Accessibility for everyone

The ferry gangway has barrier-free access, providing a smooth boarding and disembarking experience for those with mobility aids or bicycles.

Designed for sustainability and scaling

Our electric ferries feature a standardized design that is ready for mass production, enabling consistency for urban areas to grow their network faster.


We build our own autonomous vessel control technology into every vessel from day one. This enables the development, validation, and approval of autonomous operations, which improves safety and efficiency while reducing costs. Over time, ferry operators can lean on autonomous technology more and more to operate with fewer on-board personnel without compromising safety. With autonomy, we can scale up waterborne transportation and deliver on its many economic, social, and environmental promises.


Seamless connection between water and land

Our electric vessels connect to an intelligent docking system with auto-centering and auto-mooring technology, which creates a safe, stable connection even with wind and waves. As soon as the ferry is safely docked, it automatically starts charging wirelessly. This increases run-time without requiring larger batteries, reducing weight and cost. The docking system utilizes standard jetty modules for a solution that is low-cost, compatible with existing jetties, and easy to deploy or move when required.

Technical Specifications

Length overall:

<15 meters


0.5 meters


5.7 meters

Max speed:

15 knots / 28 kph


50 pax / 5.5 tons


Electric with built-in redundancy


Passenger transport in Class 1 waters




10 tons


60 – 150 kW

Energy consuption:

10 – 12 kWh/h @ 6 knots

Battery capacity:

95 – 285 kWh (Gross)

Integrated solar:

7 kW (Peak)


Integrated with automatic docking

Thermal system:

Air conditioning with heat recycling


Autonomy ready


1 (Captain or safety officer)


Barrier-free entry for bicycles,
wheelchairs, strollers etc.

Envisioning the future together

Know somewhere you would love to see an electric ferry network? If you’re interested in learning more about our solution for use in your area, let’s explore this together.

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