Software engineer – Computer Vision Sensing

Do you have experience in computer vision sensing?

Object detection is a critical component of any autonomous system and Hyke ferries will utilise a variety of sensors to sense their surrounding environment including for example radar, Lidar, and cameras. Hydrolift Smart City Ferries (HSCF) is looking for an engineer that can implement methods for classification and localisation, object detection, and segmentation, in a maritime environment.

Your main accountabilities will be real time object classification and localization, categorization and detection, instance and semantic segmentation and quantization and management of vision performance.

Key responsibilities and tasks:

  • Adapt and further develop existing cutting-edge CV algorithms for use in a maritime environment
  • Develop and improve existing machine learning models
  • Improve the data generation of our sensors
  • Software engineering-based design and code development 
  • Develop and support internal tools in the ML field
  • Validate and test in real and simulated environments

We believe that our next Software engineer – Computer vision sensing has the following qualifications and experience:


  • BSc/MSc Computer Science / Engineering 
  • Theoretical background knowledge in Computer Vision and Image Processing

Other experience:

  • 3+ years of relevant experience in related field will be an advantage, but we also encourage new graduates to apply
  • Experience in machine learning, from understanding the underlying math, to the ability to implement and deliver solutions
  • Evidence of individual contribution to challenging Computer Vision projects
  • Experience with machine learning libraries and tools (e.g. PyTorch, TensorFlow).
  • Practical knowledge in general purpose GPU programming (OpenGL, OpenCL, CUDA)
  • Proficient in Python and/or C/C++, Standard Template Library and Open source libraries (e.g. Boost, PCL, Eigen, OpenCV, OpenMesh)

As a person, we believe that you are:

  • Flexible, inquisitive, open, and forever eager to learn new things 
  • Self-driven and able to work both independently and as part of a team
  • You feel a sense of responsibility and urgency in getting things done 
  • Interested in working in a fast-growing startup 
  • Passionate about urban mobility and sustainability

If you become a part of our growing team, we can offer you:

  • An exciting opportunity to be a part of creating the next generation of waterborne mobility.
  • Become a part of our small multi-discipline team with substantive growth ambitions.
  • Flexibility in workhours and the position is firmly rooted in Oslo/Fredrikstad, but our ambitions are global.
  • Be a part of the Eker Group family – where we believe that Passion powers progress!

Applications can be submitted in Norwegian or English.

About Hyke

Cities all over the world are closely connected to water, yet today in most places, the waterways are seen as obstacles to be conquered building costly tunnels and bridges which themselves become choke points causing delays and unwanted emissions. At Hydrolift Smart City Ferries we believe in restoring our waterways to their former glory, as the very lifeline of a city and the umbilical tying the city to the world. Re-activating the waterways with a network of sleek, efficient and environmentally sustainable ferries will cut emissions, reduce travel times and save money. Our objective is to over time build a worldwide urban mobility brand (Hyke) offering seamless, multi-modal passage to passengers and light cargo networked together by technology to form tomorrow´s smart city mobility infrastructure. We are developing the world´s multi-purpose, zero emission urban ferry designed for fleet autonomy. The Hyke ferries will run with the frequency and flexibility of a city bus, but at a considerably lower cost than traditional ferries.

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